Aheda Zanetti – Inventor/Designer of BURQINI ®


Aheda Zanetti – Inventor/Designer of BURQINI ®

In 2003, I Aheda Zanetti (Inventor/Designer of BURQINI ® – BURKINI ® Swimwear and HIJOOD ® Sportswear and Founder of Ahiida Swimwear)
started my search for sporting garments suitable for Muslim women after watching my niece playing netball, wearing her Hijab and everything else in her wardrobe.

My 1st thought was…She’s sooo happy and sooo hot!
2nd thought was about how I missed out on all sporting activates while at school because of not having suitable sportswear that catered for my modest needs.

I designed and produced the first-ever samples in June 2004 of the BURQINI ® – BURKINI ® Swimsuit based around my needs as a Muslim woman living in Australia.

The then called Modest Swimsuit needed to be comfortable, easy to wear, have flexibility and blend within the Australian environment and love… for the beach culture.

The BURQINI ® – BURKINI ® Swimwear and HIJOOD ® Sportswear was developed in line with the Islamic code of dressing and has received official approval/certification from the Islamic community to encourage girls/women participating in sports activities. The interest quickly extended to women worldwide from different faith and cultures that wanted modest swimwear and/or needed extra coverage for sun protection.

Intense media interest during the early days of production of the BURQINI ® – BURKINI ® Swimwear brand led to rapid worldwide exposure that extended during the production of the first Surf Lifesaving Burqini Swimsuit.

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