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Ahiida® Pty Ltd owns copyright in all of its printed materials, literary and artistic works (which includes its labels, logos, and clothing patterns). All of the information, content and products displayed on, transmitted through or used in connection with this site are the property of Ahiida® Pty Ltd and are protected by copyright, trade mark and other laws. This content cannot be modified, reproduced, retransmitted, distributed, disseminated, sold, published, broadcast or circulated without the written permission of Ahiida® Pty Ltd.

Trade Marks

Ahiida® Pty Ltd is the registered world-wide owner of the trade mark BURQINI and has an extensive protection programme in relation to the BURQINI brand.

Trade mark rights may be acquired through use of a trade mark, and it is not necessary to register a trade mark to acquire rights. The BURQINI trade mark is intellectual property, with value both to Ahiida® Pty Ltd and to its customers.

A trade mark can be a word, symbol, label, aspect of packaging or any other identifier of the source of Ahiida® Pty Ltd’s BURQINI® swimwear.

Third parties may only use the BURQINI® trade mark in connection with our genuine BURQINI® branded swimwear and in a manner which correctly indicates Ahiida® Pty Ltd’s trade mark rights.

Ahiida® Pty Ltd’s trade mark rights may be infringed by use of a trade mark which is substantially identical to or deceptively similar to the BURQINI® trade mark (including but not limited to BURQUINI and BURKINI), whether the mark be used for swimwear or other goods or services. Trade mark law considers all websites to be services and a domain name may also infringe a trade mark.

Ahiida® Pty Ltd also owns registered trade marks for AHIIDA® and HIJOOD®.

Inconsistent use of a trade mark may dilute Ahiida® Pty Ltd’s rights and value in its marks. Ahiida® Pty Ltd provides details on acceptable usage of its trade marks in the following publication available on this website:

Use of the BURQINI®/BURKINI® Trade Marks


Ahiida® Pty Ltd is the proprietor of various applications and registrations for industrial or ornamental designs, and design patents, as they are sometimes called. These cover the BURQINI®/BURKINI® and HIJOOD® branded range of products, and others.

As of 9 November 2007, those are summarised as follows:

Australian Design Registration No. 300231
Australian Design Registration No. 302022
Australian Design Registration No. 302023
Australian Design Registration No. 304414

European Community Design Registration No. 000267927-0001
European Community Design Registration No. 000267927-0002
European Community Design Registration No. 000267927-0003

United States of America Design Application No. 29/219319
United States of America Design Application No. (tba-divisional)

United Arab Emirates Design Registration No. D151/05

Malaysia Design Registration No. 05-00177
Malaysia Design Registration No. 05-00176

We note that in some jurisdictions, copyright protection extends to protect the three-dimensional article.


Ahiida® Pty Ltd has been successful in obtaining judgement against the manufacture and sale of products infringing its intellectual property rights.

If you become aware of any improper use of Ahiida® Pty Ltd's intellectual property, or have any enquiries regarding the intellectual property of Ahiida® Pty Ltd, please contact:

Spruson & Ferguson,
Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys
GPO Box 3898, Sydney, NSW, 2001


Ahiida® Pty Ltd – Head Office
Sydney / Australia
Phone: 61 2 9750 0641