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The Burqini® / Burkini® Brand Story

Ahiida®, Burqini®, Burkini®, Hijood® are registered Designs and registered Trade Marks properties of Ahiida Pty Ltd

In 2003, Aheda Zanetti, (Lebanese born / Australian mother of 4) founder of Ahiida Pty Ltd (AHIIDA) and designer of the innovative Burqini® / Burkini® brand swimwear, was inspired by watching her niece playing netball in a traditional Hijab / Veil to begin a search for sporting garments suitable for Muslim women.

Unable to find anything which matched the demands for comfort and flexibility with the requirements for modesty, she designed and produced the first examples of AHIIDA's now famous clothing lines Burqini® / Burkini® swimwear and HIJOOD® sportswear. 

The Burqini® / Burkini® brand name was invented and developed by designer Aheda Zanetti as part of the early marketing of her product - swimwear which is "two piece like a bikini" and "smaller than a burka" ( a full cover over coat ).The Burqini® / Burkini® brand swimwear was the subject of an immediate rush of interest and demand, clearly answering the needs of many women keen to participate in the sporting lifestyle of Australia and many other countries.

Burqini® / Burkini® brand is now widely recognised throughout the world as the origin of AHIIDA’s high-quality, innovative swimwear.

Burqini® / Burkini® are entirely original words which are trademarks of AHIIDA and prior to AHIIDA's creating and using these words as trade marks the words were not known or used by another party. It is through the efforts of Aheda Zanetti and AHIIDA that these trademarks have gained such global renown and recognition.

The Burqini® / Burkini® brand must never be used in connection with another manufacturer’s products.

If you have any queries regarding correct use of the Burqini® / Burkini® trademarks, please contact AHIIDA at info@ahiida.com.